Advanced Emiratisation Strategy Workshop

Join The Emiratisation Strategy Workshop (Advanced) on August 03 & 04, 2015 at The Address hotel in Dubai Marina. 

The program will discover the Organizational Culture for Diversity and Emirati Talent Integration program.

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Abdulmuttalib (Talib) Al Hashimi is a UAE national entrepreneur, Managing Director and founder of Dubai based Emiratisation consultancy Next Level.  He founded the company in 2006 and through his work has helped several organisations in the UAE on their Emiratisation, Recruitment and Human Resources needs.  He has been instrumental in advising senior managers on issues related to most effective ways to attract Emiratis, building a strong employer brand, engaging their local audiences and cultural integration in the workplace.

  • Gain an understanding of the government’s definition, norms and expectations of the Emiratisation initiatives.  Key figures and facts that will matter to your organization
  • Learn how your organization can make use of existing government initiatives to drive Emiratisation
  • Align Emirati Talent Management processes to deliver strategic business objectives
  • Understand the challenges that face the process of Emiratisation and how other organizations are tackling them
  • Learn how to set and manage both, organizational and Emiratis expectations
  • Gain an appreciation of the multi-cultural issues that face the UAE workplace
  • Sharpen your skills to source the best Emirati talent and learn from our proven approaches to attracting, engaging and hiring Emirati talent
  • Learn from the numerous case studies we will share with you and identify ways your organization can learn from these case studies
  • Develop strategies for improving Emirati employee engagement
  • Define your organizations unique Emiratisation Strategy

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