Emiratisation drive by Seha

Seha, the Abu Dhabi Health Services Company, has launched a new Emiratization programme that will see UAE nationals take up high level posts within the organization and its network of healthcare providers.

Under this scheme, 25 Emirati employees will be mentored to assume leadership positions at the end of the four-year programme, said a statement from Seha.

The programme seeks to actively bolster professional and personal development for UAE nationals to prepare them to assume strategic positions in SEHA’s HQ and healthcare providers in the next four years.

The initative has shortlisted 25 UAE National senior managers working within SEHA across various fields including nursing, operations, finance, human resources, information technology, engineering, construction, and public relations, with the aim of mentoring and training them over the course of four years to assume greater strategic and leadership responsbility. After passing through the programme, graduating managers will assume high-level positions based on their specializations and practical experience, and become Executive Directors within SEHA and the HealthSystem.

This latest push towards Emiratization for leadership positions is being led by Ian Jones, the recently hired Corporate Executive Coach and Career Planner. Ian will work closely with the programme’s participants to ensure they possess the right capabilities, and are given relevant training and support Commenting on the launch of the program, H.E. Saif Bader Al Qubaisi, Chairman of SEHA, said, “Taking its lead from the UAE government, SEHA is comitted to the process of empowering UAE Nationals through development and strategic employment opportunities where they can assume roles and responsbile citizens and offer value back to the community.”

“SEHA has several initiatives to attract UAE nationals to the field of medicine and healthcare, in a bid to assure sustainability and succession planning. The organization is committed to offering Emiraties a conducive environment in which to develop their potential. One of our programmes allows our UAE national managers to continue their higher education via MBAs and PhDs, ensuring that we encourage the development of relevant capabilities in the long term,” he added.

As part of its 2010-2015 plan, SEHA wants to increase the proportion of Emirati employees in administrative positions to 50 percent of all job positions, raise the proportion of senior management staff to the same percent, and also hire UAE nationals for 12 percent of local field jobs in medicine.

In 2011, the organization partnered with INSEAD to offer training courses for senior management, to help them keep abreast of the latest practices in leadership and managerial skills through a rigorous programme of workshops and lectures. The programme is part of SEHA’s resource development and capacity building plan, and focuses on enhancing managers’ ability to deal with a challenging and rapidly evolving operational environment.

"I am delighted to contribute to the development of the capacity of SEHA employees by providing them with the knowledge, skills and information they require to advance in their careers and assume positions of strategic responsibility. SEHA focuses on creating an open environment and facilitating the exchange of ideas and discourse all over the world, involving employees from all cultures and nationalities. We aim to offer our employees world-class opportunities to grow via education courses and training opportunities, and fully support them in achieving their full potential,” said Ian.

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