Private sector is failing to attract Emirati women

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Gulf News - Abu Dhabi: Emirati women make up around two-thirds of the UAE's public sector workforce, yet there are some barriers keeping them from working in the private sector, a Ministry of Labour official said during Labour Day celebrations yesterday.

More lucrative
Ahlam Al Lamki, director of research and development at the General Women's Union, said: "Companies in the private sector could attract gifted Emirati women by stressing the importance and contribution of this sector to the country's economy."

Integrating Emirati women into the private sector is not as easy as it appears because this is a matter of ideology and the belief that working in the public sector is secure and more lucrative than the private sector, she added. "However, in the long run, this will be unavoidable as Emiratisation [Tawteen] efforts will increase due to the increase in the number of young Emiratis entering the workforce annually."
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