The Jewel of Leadership Assessment and Development - UAE

In the heart of the desert near Al Ain, I discovered a remarkable and unusual Leadership and Assessment camp. Olive Development, a company specializing in leadership and management training has established a 50 person camp where they are running assessment and development programmes for the UAE government and for private entities.

Inspiring the leader within, is what this extraordinary training camp is all about. I spent an evening along with a senior member of the Abu Dhabi Government and some of the professionals from Olive Development on a site inspection to an event being run for UAE Civil Servants.

The journey to success in the workplace starts with learning. Learning not only about one’s own strengths, but also learning more about oneself as an individual. This has been the foundation of this training facility. For each delegate, this has successfully enabled an understanding and application of their own career development. It reminds me of one of my favourite quotes on learning, “Only one who devotes himself to a cause with his whole strength and soul can be a true master. For this reason mastery demands all of a person.” Albert Einstein

All the leadership training solutions offered are designed to the specific requirements and needs of the client. The commitment is made from Olive Development to honour these specific requirements and to provide the most professional and accurate, global best practice assessment programmes. They do this by applying researched principles with cultural sensitivity and understanding. These assessments can be performed by either male or female Assessors in English or Arabic.

I was furthermore delighted to discover that this secluded, protected and authentic environment has accommodated many leadership programmes for women as well. Respecting all cultural needs for the safety, seclusion and protection of National women, the Programme Director further elaborated that when facilitating leadership assessment and training for women, there are only women chefs, trainers and servers allowed in the camp for the duration of the specific women’s programmes.

One of the ladies, who had attended the camp, mentioned that she felt that women had come a long way in the UAE. The most valuable exercise she felt, was the feedback on her personality and observed behaviour. This young lady specifically looks forward to further develop her new competencies by practicing them at work. She feels that as a positive member of society, she is willing to support others to grow through development and highly endorsed this leadership training.

Not only is Olive Development passionate about helping their clients improve individual and organisational effectiveness, they have successfully designed Experiential Learning programmes which is the proven process of learning through reflection on doing.

Both clients and delegates can expect an outstanding return on investment on any of the programmes from Olive Development.

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