Alarming rate of unemployment among UAE nationals

The rate of unemployment among Emiratis in the UAE reached almost 13 percent, the latest figures from FNC Health, Labour and Social Affairs Committee show.

National said the figure was part of a report from the Commission to analyze the activities of the Authority of Human Resources.

The report showed particularly high levels of unemployment among women and youth, despite dominating the UAE public sector jobs.
The report defines "unemployment" as more than 15 years and not currently working or seeking work. Overall unemployment rate in the northern emirates stood at 16.6 percent, a figure slightly lower in the UAE in the Emirates South of 11.6 percent.

Emiratis for between 15 and 24, unemployment was estimated at 23.1 per cent significantly higher. Despite what is seen as the high level of national employment in the public sector, the report said that the federal government should use more.

Emiratis held 69 percent of federal jobs in 2006 but this figure had dropped to 54.5 percent in 2008, the newspaper said.

The rate increased to 60.9 percent in April 2010, the FNC said it was an insufficient increase. Confusing the issue is the gap between wages in the local government level and those at the federal level. salaries of local officials may be up to 54 percent higher than the federal government, the report said.

The panel also said women needed better options for maternity leave and that 100 federal entities have yet crèches in the workplace, that are prescribed by law.

Recently, government officials have called on residents to join the private sector rather than opting for government jobs, which are traditionally favored by the national graduates.

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