The Concept of Emiratisation

When one talks about Emiratisation, the first thing that comes to your mind that this is all about recruiting a bunch of young people and getting them into your organization at the expense of other already employed expatriates.

Well, to the contrary. Let me describe to you that Emiratisation concept was all about leadership, teamwork and choice.

When the concept of Emiratisation was first introduced by their Highnesses in (around) 1999, a fervor of passion swept through the entire local community and every company wanted to chip in. However, as time passed, the actual reasons for developing young Emiratis sort of disappeared and the passion just extinguished. People in most companies believe now that Emiratisation is all about head count, it is all about getting Emirati’s to join the work force and for the nationals to replace expatriates.

Not so true. In my belief, Emiratisation is all about developing young nationals to take-off. Before I explain this a quote by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed once said that life is like the story of the Lion and the Ghazal. Every morning the Lion gets up and thinks that I should run faster than the slowest Ghazal, otherwise I will go hungry today. The Ghazal thinks every morning that I should run faster than the fastest Lion or I shall be eaten. So, every morning both the Lion and the Ghazal have to ‘take-off’ otherwise they become part of the other’s objectives.

We need to teach the young nationals to take-off first thing in the morning. We need them to become ‘Rounded Thinkers’, decision makers and great team players. And that is what Emiratisation should be all about.

Emirati’s are not here to replace expatriates, but to work side by side and add value to their lives as well as others around them. Emiratisation is all about adding value to this beautiful developing and expanding country. Originally published by Ayadh Farooq, Director National Development at du, Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company, PJSC.

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