Ali Al Mansoori the force behind Emiratisation initiatives

Our series of articles about Emiratisation practitioners continues. This time around we are pleased to introduce you to Ali Al Mansoori, Manager National Trainee Program at du.

One thing that strikes me about Ali is that he does not have the word 'impossible' in his vocabulary. His degree of energy and commitment to Emiratisation initiative is something stories can be told about. So, here is one.  

Recruitment drive FALL 2010

10 days ago urgent request from retail division to hire 30 UAE nationals goes live. Most of the recruiters in the industry would look at this assignment as a project that will run in to 2011 with on-boarding of candidates sometime in late February.

This is not the time table Ali operates on (Time-to-Hire?!? who needs that when you have Ali Al Mansoori). Same day this project hit his desk he mobilized the teams and developed the action plan. Tasks were divided between Talent Acquisition and National Development teams. TA delivered assessment centers and ND helped by reaching-out to UAE national talent pool of over 500 candidates. Candidates from all emirates were invited to attend assessment centers within 2 days! Face to face interviews were taking place shortly after the tests were completed and evaluated. By day 10 company had over 35 candidates selected and shortlisted to join their sales force.

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