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Discussions of issues relating to the motivation and retention of Emiratis in the private sector have now become an ongoing process with the launch of the Emiratisation Online Forum by Abu Dhabi University.

Under a platform that allows for sharing of ideas and showcasing successful approaches, the Emiratisation Online Forum hopes to provide a framework for the establishment of a whole range of practical solutions and tailor-made applications to boost Emirati employment, particularly within the private sector.

“We ensure that we are able to bridge the gap between the private companies and the Emiratis wishing to work there,” said James Graham, General Manager, Aim Events, the conference and events division of ADU, organiser of the Emiratisation Forum. “It is not enough that we have identified the issues that hinder Emiratis from joining the private sector. We also need to come up with ongoing solutions.

“We believe that an online discussion of issues greatly contributes in the overall effort of addressing the challenges faced by Emiratisation. Furthermore, an online platform would also encourage community involvement in constantly tackling major issues as well as in identifying recommendations and solutions that would help increase a workforce of UAE nationals in the private sector,” he added.

The Emiratisation Forum series proved to be an excellent networking opportunity for HR professionals. Redha Ibrahim Ghanim, Senior RegionalExternal Relations & Nationalization Manager, Al Futtaim Carillion (Abu Dhabi) LLC, commented that, “The forum was an ideal platform for debates and discussion on the topic of not only the achievements, but also the obstacles faced by employers in procuring and retaining Emiratis.”

“The Emiratisation Forum posed as a networking opportunity, as well as learning experience, where there is much to be gained from the motivations of successful, experienced speakers. We need to discuss new ways of attracting UAE nationals,” Muna Khalil Khouri, Emiratisation Officer, Tourism Development & Investment Company (TDIC) explained.

Meanwhile, during the panel discussion led by ADU students, several factors why Emirati women will be encouraged to work in private companies were discussed. Led by Alanoud Al Madhi, Student Council President at ADU, together with Maitha Al Mazroui, Shamsa Al Qubaisi and Zainab Al Refaei, the panel answered various questions on challenges and motivation at workplaces, career opportunities and social pressures from the forum delegates.

Al Madhi mentioned that working in the private sector is a very challenging and great environment for learning, career growth and development. “I want a company that has a good development programme and different opportunities for its women employees. I prefer a job which will enable me to grow and work hard to improve my capabilities. In addition, in private companies, there is no room to be laid-back because of high competition,” she said.

She added that most of the young Emiratis are not aware that the private sector contributes highly to the UAE economy. “We need to raise more awareness within the young Emirati men and women about the opportunities that await them in the private sector. Emirati women in particular are committed to contribute to our country’s economic success and working in the private sector is one of the many ways to show our patriotism,” Al Madhi explained.

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