Emiratisation – Inspiring Leadership

Wordmark of Etihad Airways. Trademarked by Eti...I was fortunate enough to have coffee with Dr. Salwa Al Noaimi, Etihad Airways Vice President-Talent Acquisition again today, a PhD graduate from Cardiff University, (United Kingdom) in Management and Government Policies and a Doctor of Philosophy.

Dr. Salwa joined Etihad Airways with the key accountability of the overall strategic management of global recruitment. Recently, her emphasis on Etihad’s Emiratisation initiatives has been the expansion thereof. Her role has become more focused to source, attract and retain UAE Nationals into the various sectors of the airline. Establishing this Emiratisation unit, has naturally paved the way for many UAE Nationals to contribute actively into the tourism industry.

I thoroughly enjoyed hearing her superb presentation on Coaching and Mentoring at the Emiratisation Forum in Abu Dhabi last week, and the two of the many Emiratisation success stories in her corporate workplace that she shared with us. Both Ali Al Hosani and Fatima Al Haddad from Etihad got on the stage to share their journeys to success with us at the Forum.

Dr. Salwa practiced consultancy in the role of HR Advisor for the management of one of ADNOC Group Companies in Abu Dhabi. Besides teaching an HR Diploma for the employees of Dubai Government and federal ministries, Dr. Salwa has been working as an Executive Director for the Continuing Education Division in an academic organization in Dubai which provides quality management and HR consultancy services for public and private organizations in the UAE and the GCC countries. Being an UAE national herself, she has the advantage and true appreciation of the rich culture and heritage of the UAE. This gives her absolute credibility when presenting recommendations to her clients.

Dr. Salwa has closely been working with UAE Nationals, helping them understand and appreciate the changes within UAE culture as well as the impact of modernization, as her leadership book will attest to.

Dr. Salwa is a professional career woman who has written her thesis on ‘The leadership role of the oil industry in meeting the demands of the UAE Society’ and an inspirational, leadership role model to many in the workplace. I was honoured today when she gave me her thesis to read, and am enjoying every page of it so far. Inshallah, in time to come, and with her permission, I am hoping to share some of this rich culture and heritage here with you.

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