Emiratisation Approaches Abu Dhabi

In my last article I argued that one approach that worked well was setting a Quality Assurance /Recruitment Committee that ensured UAE applicants were not overlooked in filling positions for the Oil and Gas sector.

Following from this I would suggest that the above approach be considered in other critical sectors with representation from members of such sectors so that their interests and special circumstances are taken into account.

It is beyond the scope of this article to elaborate on the mechanics of how this process worked in the past or how it could be packaged to date to reflect the current circumstances.

The second approach that worked successfully to a certain extent is the quota system for the Banking Sector. (Now I get into trouble with those who argue against setting quotas and as I stated early I am also against applying quotas across the board without considering the special circumstances of each sector and the financial impact).

Much depends, though, on how it is implemented and followed up by the controlling bodies. In this respect I have to give credit to the Committee that managed the Banking quota and applied its powers with wisdom and flexibility.

I would therefore argue that the increasing representation of UAE nationals in the Banking Sector is mainly due to the introduction of the quota system.

One may, therefore, appreciate that had it been left to the market forces, UAE representation in this critical sector would have been like other major sectors that have very low UAE representation e.g. the Insurance Sector.

As you may note, the above two approaches involved government intervention. Those who argue against Government intervention could be disappointed by the success rate of those two approaches.

Other approaches that were left for market forces have so far not been very fruitful, I would argue. In my next article I will examine other approaches.

H.E. Omar Bamadhaf Al Khatheeri – Emiratisation Approaches Abu Dhabi Chairman.

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