Aldar Properties to share Emiratisation initiatives

Company’s LEAD programme takes centre stage at the Emiratisation Forum

Abu Dhabi, UAE. 25th May 2010: A presentation by Aldar Properties of several of its highly successful Emiratisation initiatives – designed to motivate and advance the careers of UAE Nationals in the local workforce - will feature among a series of enlightening presentations at next week’s Emiratisation Forum. (Fairmont Bab Al Bahr Hotel, Abu Dhabi, 30th / 31st May, 2010).

Faisal Al Kamali, Head of Infrastructure at Aldar Properties and a leading motivator within Abu Dhabi‘s premier property development company, is sharing his and the company’s knowledge and expertise in encouraging greater participation of Emiratis in the future development of the UAE. Al Kamali will place special emphasis on the Leadership Applied Excellence Diploma (LEAD), the company’s unique and exclusive programme for Emirati Nationals.

The Emiratisation forum entitled ‘Improving Retention by Harnessing Motivation’ is the latest in a series organised by Abu Dhabi University (ADU) designed to further develop the overall framework for the integration of Emiratis into the UAE private sector. More than two hundred business leaders are registered to attend the one-day summit.

Currently, Nationals comprise 20 per cent Aldar’s total workforce where they are employed in executive management through to operational and clerical positions.
“As a local company we have a responsibility to assist other UAE based companies bolster their Emiratisation levels,” said Al Kamali. “We are putting our weight behind this forum to present and debate our programmes, so as to assist other organisations develop practical Emiratisation solutions through the LEAD programme.”

“Central to the success of any Emiratisation programme is that it is viewed as long term– not just quick fixes – and as such should include continuity and consistency. The LEAD programme is proving to be a vehicle for the enforcement of such as a policy by graduating high level local candidates who are already playing a leading role in the growth of our business and thus the UAE economy,” he added.

Aside from the LEAD programme, Aldar also provides its Emirati employees career development plans, job rotation, graduate schemes, succession planning and exposure in seminar and conferences participations.

“The local practices for motivating employees in this region are the same as international practices in terms of recognising, rewarding and supporting. Aldar however has gone a step further in providing study sponsorships, establishing the LEAD programme in addition to several other unique benefits that employees would not expect to find in other firms,” Al Kamali explained.

The Emiratisation Forum is part of the Aim Emiratisation Series, designed to further develop the overall framework for the integration of Emiratis into the UAE private sector. Aim Events and Conferences, is the conferences and events organisation arm of ADU, which tackles critical issues concerning Emiratisation. More information about the forum can be found on the event’s website,

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