UAE Nationals sign on with Al-Futtaim

Al-Futtaim last week welcomed a new batch of graduate emiratis in the group's four-month retail traineeship programme following which the UAE nationals will join various retail businesses as trained employees of Al-Futtaim's retail division.

This is the second phase of the 6-month programme which began with a two-month training in the English language. The retail traineeship programme is designed by the Al-Futtaim Training and Development Centre and is part of the group's Emiratisation Department's ongoing efforts to significantly increase the recruitment and integration of emiratis to work with the group which partners some of the world's best brands.

Among those present during the induction were Dr Mohamed Alzyoudi, Director of HR, Government of Fujairah and Essa Al Mulla, Executive Director - Knowledge & Human Development Authorities Dubai. Also present was Alexander Campbell, Group Director - Human Resources, Al-Futtaim and Zuhair Al Haj, Senior General Manager, Group Administration and Emiratisation.

Zuhair Al Haj said: "The UAE nationals have shown extremely good promise and have indicated their willingness to be part of the retailing division of Al-Futtaim. The specially designed training programme will give the young emiratis first hand feedback on the Al-Futtaim group, its work culture and the overall working experience while also equipping them to make their mark in the professional world."

Dr. Mohamed Alzyoudi said: "I wish to thank Al-Futtaim for this initiative and I hope several more private companies come forward in training and preparing young nationals to be part of the country's professional work force." He also advised the students to be ambassadors of goodwill and diligence and to spare no efforts in growing and developing themselves in Al Futtaim."

Essa Al Mulla said: "I am happy for the UAE nationals and encourage them to use this opportunity to be committed to Al-Futtaim's benchmarking programme." He also hoped they continue to learn, work and grow in the Group not just for the six months but for even a period of six years.

Al-Futtaim's emiratisation department currently organises and participates in various activities and events such as Summer School, Recruitment Open Days, Work Placement and Career Counseling at various colleges in the UAE.

Al-Futtaim operates across various sectors including automotive, retail, electronics, engineering and technologies, finance, real estate and service. It currently employs in excess of 20,000 people across the UAE, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Singapore and Europe. Originally published by AME Info.

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