Retention of Emiratis in the private sector

Abu Dhabi, UAE. 17th April 2010: Sixty per cent of UAE nationals working in the private sector have resigned from corporate positions due to a lack of career progression and the absence of a mentoring culture among others, according to a study conducted last year by government-sponsored Emirates National Development Programme (ENDP). And, whilst there has been a continuous increase of Emiratis working in the private sector since the establishment of the Emiratisation programme, retention remains to be a serious issue.

For this reason, Abu Dhabi UniversityAbu Dhabi UniversityAbu Dhabi University through Aim Events, the events management division of Abu Dhabi University is holding the second Emiratisation Forum to tackle major topics such as retention of nationals in private companies as this year's forum focuses on the theme, 'Improving Retention by Harnessing Motivation'.

Discussions during the two-day conference which is set to take place on 30th and 31st May 2010, at the Fairmont Bab Al Bahr in Abu Dhabi, are expected to present a deeper understanding on the key principles of employee motivation leading to securing better retention rate of Emiratis in organisations. In addition, the forum is being conducted in conjunction with the country's thrust of strengthening the Emirati workforce within the different sectors of the economy.

"Retention remains to be a key issue on the minds of Emiratisation executives around the UAE. It is fundamental that organisations are educated about how to secure their retention rate through the implementation of effective motivation principles and offering people meaningful work. The forum's theme reveals the concepts of retention and motivation, and their direct correlation to one another has been a concern for executives in today's climate," said His Excellency Ali Saeed Bin Harmal Al Dhaheri, Chairman of Abu Dhabi University.

"In times of economic uncertainty, energised, innovative and cooperative employees will add true value to the business. By developing employees to reach their goals, offering guidance or counselling and understanding their strengths and aptitudes, businesses can retain talented individuals that will prove to be long-term assets to the firm. We are committed to supporting the in-house programmes for the advancement and retention of UAE nationals in the workplace that many organisations have introduced," Al Dhaheri continued.

Continuing from the success of the first Emiratisation Forum held last April 2009, the event will allow local companies, regional businesses and leaders to contribute to the development of an Emiratisation framework. It will also serve as a perfect venue for concerned parties to agree on the vital components for a successful Emiratisation programme.

Comprising a series of networking sessions and interactive workshops, the programme has been strategically developed to tackle the retention and motivation issues facing Emirati executives today. Leading industry experts will share strategies and advice, designed to help delegates develop practical solutions which can be implemented in their respective organisations and improve their Emiratisation programme.

Among the matters to be discussed include creativity for building powerful teams and secrets for nurturing the hidden talents of Emiratis, along with successful government Emiratisation efforts aligned with the Abu Dhabi 2030 Vision. A case study will focus on putting together an effective framework for maintaining of nationals in organisations.

A student panel from Abu Dhabi University graduates will tackle factors and motivational schemes to keep them involved in the local workforce on the second day of the event. Other workshops will include coaching and mentoring employees as well as effective career guidance and counselling strategies.

The forum is under the Aim Emiratisation Series, a series of events designed to further develop the overall framework for integration of Emiratis in to private business in the UAE. This series is one of the core divisions of Aim Events, which tackles various issues concerning Emiratisation in the country. For more information about the forum, please visit published by Rose Manaog, MCS/Action.

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