Students in UAE value work experience over salaries

Graduates in the UAE are still finding it hard to get jobs

Dubai: Priorities for students entering the job market have changed as they shift their focus towards gaining experience instead of searching for high salaries.

The 10th annual Careers UAE fair at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre, which ends today, saw a number of students searching for work placements and graduate trainee programmes.

"Finding a job that pays well is not that important because it is hard to find a job. The job market is still recovering from the global financial crisis, so we do not have that many options to choose from," explained Noor Ahmad, a student at Dubai Women's College (DWC). "So for those reasons, I prefer to apply in the government sector since it is safer than in the private sector, and I do not have to worry about losing my job."

This year's exhibition brought more than 100 national and international companies under one roof for job-seeking Emiratis. This year, the event witnessed 25 new companies and was segmented into 10 sectors, including oil and gas, banking, telecommunication, and trade commerce group
Attractive job

Miaad Al Ali, studying for a higher diploma in Business at DWC, said that it seems unlikely that she will find an attractive job that pays well.

"I would like to find both, a good job and a good salary, but I do not think that will be possible. I will graduate next year but have started job hunting from now, so that I have time to get a workplace and gain experience either in Abu Dhabi or Dubai."

Khowla Al Doukih, a business major student at Sharjah Women's College, Higher Colleges of Technology, is optimistic that she will find a job before graduating.

"As a business student, there are a lot of options where I can work and I do not think that I have to be restricted in the financial sector. During the career fair, I am not looking at how much the companies are offering in terms of salaries but am looking for an organisation that offers room for improving my skills ..." Originally published by Gulf News.

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