Creating an Employee Brand part 3

More often than not we can find proof of concept by simply looking around us. Few weeks back I was talking about the need to differentiate Emiratis in the UAE job market. One of the ways could be successful 'Employee Branding' campaign. During my regular visit to local newspapers stand, the latest issue of FORTUNE caught my attention. >>Battle-tested: From soldier to business leader<< and here is what they say about hiring ex-military.

Originally published by Fortune Magazine -- In the spring of 2008, Wal-Mart threw an annual shareholders meeting befitting its stature as the world's mightiest retailer. It was a gala event hosted by rapper and actress Queen Latifah and featuring performances by American Idol winners David Cook and Carrie Underwood, teen sensation Taylor Swift, '80s rockers Journey, and country stars Keith Urban and Tim McGraw.

Away from the festivities, though, senior Wal-Mart (WMT, Fortune 500) executives met to confront a potential crisis: a looming shortage of young talent in the store management ranks. The company was so big, and growing so fast, that it was exploring the outer limits of manageable expansion. Its revenue was on track to grow by $30 billion that year -- roughly equivalent to adding a company the size of Coca-Cola (KO, Fortune 500) to its operations. Wal-Mart's usual strategy of promoting from within and poaching from other retailers just couldn't keep up. The executives needed a plan to address the junior-leadership void. More...

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