TRA announced Emiratisation plans

Stemming from the objectives of the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority and its supporting strategy in maintaining a national human capital at the Authority, TRA adopts the "Emiratization plan" to fulfil its social responsibility towards the UAE community. 

Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA's Director General, said that the adoption of the Emiratisation plan is cantered around supporting and realising the strategies of the UAE government, this is reflected in increasing the percentage of nationals in federal and government institutions, and contributing in enhancing viable economic and social stability by relying on national human capital, in addition to developing local talents and skills within the ICT sector to meet the sector's current and future needs". 

According to Ghanim, TRA's Emiratization plan for the years 2010-2015 represents a true response and reflects a strong commitment in implementing the directives of the UAE government, and reflects TRA's higher management's firm conviction in investing in local talents, citing that Emiratization rates at TRA has reached 63 per cent by the end of the first half of 2009. 
Ghanim noted that TRA has already developed several policies and strategies in support of Emiratization efforts, currently implemented through a set of themes mainly in developing human resource strategies and developing the human resource operations and management, in addition to applying a "change" policy within the Authority. 

He also explained that, in the early seventies, and due to the nature of the local human resources and the requirements of ambitious development plans of the UAE the situation demanded reliance on foreign and experienced workforce. 

"At that time, foreign human resource were not as luxury, but a necessity to meet the expected requirements the genuine desire to achieve a high rate of development as per the UAE plans at the time. In addition, such workforce was also needed to transfer knowledge and skills to local national talents, and help in building the capacity of the local human resources in various fields," he said. 

Ghanim added that with the natural evolution and development of local talents to relay more on nationals to replace the foreign workforce especially in the field of ICT. Originally published by Emirates News Agency, WAM.

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