Tawteen's Al Tahaddi programme

A team of young Emiratis has concluded that successful implementation of Emiratisation would be further supported by increasing awareness of private sector career opportunities for young nationals.
This was one of the key outcomes of research completed by students participating in Tawteen's Al Tahaddi programme.

At a showcase event in Abu Dhabi, Al Tahaddi participants, 22 students and six team leaders, presented the findings of their research to the government, academia and the private sector. The participants, with the support of their team leaders, came up with the idea of putting on a play that revolves around the character of Ahmad Bin Majid - a famous Emirati sailor who was given the name 'Lion of the Seas' - and the challenges he faced in employing nationals on his ship.

Al Tahaddi programme is a key element of the Tawteen Leadership Academy, a programme developed with partners BP and Aldar.

Tawteen is a UAE-wide initiative established by the Emirates Foundation for Philanthropy to empower Emiratis.

Khuloud Al Nuwais, Emirates Foundation Projects Director, speaking on behalf of the Tawteen Programme, said: "Initiatives like Al Tahaddi play a vital role in providing young nationals, the nation's richest resource, with the skills and attributes they require to pursue meaningful careers in the private sector. In addition, the high-level interaction they had with senior executives in leading companies has helped expose the private sector to the breadth and depth of the talent pool that is emerging in the UAE." Originally published by Binsal Abdul Kader, Staff Reporter,
Gulf News.

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