Recruitment goes mobile

With Google Nexus now added to the ranks of mobile communication devices, puffing its chest up next to the iPhone and Smartphones, more job seekers are using their mobile phones to browse for employment information. And now with the addition of the iPad to the mix of portable information and communication devices, short messaging tactics are the way to go.

When writing your mobile recruitment ad or planning a marketing campaign, the question is: What media do I use so my 8-point-font sized message will catch candidates’ attention over a 480 x 800 pixel screen?

Here are some ideas:
  • Tweet your followers and hit TweetMyJobs subscribers
  • Update your Facebook page and LinkedIn status, alerting your fans and professional connections
  • Start a Google AdWords campaign
  • If you haven’t done so, place an RSS feed link to your job postings site so passive job seekers can subscribe and have the newest job postings sent directly to their email inbox.
  • And, what I think is going to have a resurgence (as if it needs one!)—YouTube links: post a link to your favourite network, showing a charming DIY or slick recruitment video that job seekers can watch on their mobile screens as they walk, ride the bus, or sit at their desks.
  • Hyperlocal Adds: Social media is defining new ways to share hyperlocal job advertisement. Job applications built using geolocation information can accelerate recruitment.

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