Emirati iCareer iPhone App

I love my iPhone. I never go anywhere without it and I'm not quite sure how I functioned before I got it. I use it for email, the web, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and much more. If you're like me and want to stay organized and up-to-date regardless of where you are, there are lots of applications available to help.

More specifically, when you're job hunting, there are a variety of apps for your iPhone and iPod Touch that you can use to expedite and manage your job search. You can download job search iPhone apps that search for jobs by keyword and location (using the iPhone GPS function), email job listings, keep track of your contacts, and even create a resume.

Many iPhone applications are free. Before you buy an app, check for reviews in the iTunes store to make sure it's worth investing a few dollars. Soon enough there will be more info on Emirati iCareer, job search app exclusively made for UAE nationals helping them manage their career with greater degree of efficiency.

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Ahmed said...

Etisalat customises mobile apps - Emirates Business 24|7: http://bit.ly/aJeKUk

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