Creating an Employee Brand part 2

Differentiating oneself in the workforce today may hold the key for many employees and UAE nationals especially. While it may take extra effort, the payoff can be exponentially greater both short and long range; for the employee and the employer. With discipline, determination, and drive, local employees can make their mark strategically, and with ingenuity.

Why Differentiate? Much like a business, brand awareness, credibility, and association of product are important. Human capital in the workforce can benefit by applying her own brand to her professional self.

The Payoff. Helping employees understand professional brand differentiation in the workplace will lead to:
  • Increased self esteem, transferable skills, and increased productivity.
  • A focus on natural strengths and talents.
  • Individualization and self worth.
  • Appreciation of strengths in others.
  • Elevated internal resource identification by employee for special projects or expert advice.
  • Retention of top talent.
  • Leveraging talent strengths which are visible and respected in functioning teams.

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