4,200 Emiratis are ready for job market

More than 4,000 Emiratis will be ready to join the private sector soon, an official in the capital said.

Speaking at Tawteen's first showcase held at Emirates Palace, Dr Saleh Al Hashemi, Managing Director of Tawteen, said: "The programme has achieved a very important progress to empower nationals and improve their skills through more than 54,000 development hours to prepare young Emiratis to work in the private sector; around 4,200 Emiratis have benefited from the training programmes since the initiative was launched in 2007."

Tawteen is an initiative launched by the Emirates Foundation to empower Emiratis by unlocking their potential and building career pathways to private sector employment. Sheikh Hamed Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chief of the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince's Court and Chairman of the Higher Corporation of Specialised Economy Zones, attended the event along with recognised partners of the programme. The programme offers long-term economic and social benefits using various specifically designed development initiatives.

Currently the programme includes seven projects which are: career guidance counselling, vocational awareness, internships, entrepreneurship and innovation, bridge to success (industry summer school), leadership and women in the workplace.

"The private sector is very important for achieving extra value for individuals and the whole society as it plays an active role in the development process," said Al Hashemi.

"On the other hand the growth in this sector provides huge employment opportunities; statistics shows the average annual growth in the private sector is 8.7 per cent while it is only 1.6 per cent in the public sector between 2002 and 2007; which encourages us to support the development process through the private sector," he said. The initiative is being held across the UAE. Breaking barriers

Young Emiratis aged 14 to 26 years old are welcome to join Tawteen, Inas Abu Sashien, the team manager at Tawteen told Gulf News.

"It is a continuous initiative for all Emiratis to help them with their future career in the private sector and at the same time help the private sector welcome Emiratis." In leadership projects, young Emiratis are taken to day camps lasting two and a half days either in Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah.

"650 students have been taking this programme among them 281 females who have learnt the practical skills of leadership, teamwork and self-awareness," said Hamdan Al Mansouri, Project Manager at Tawteen.

"The initiative breaks the barriers between Emiratis and the private sector and helps change the stereotypes about Emiratis," she said. The project helps families change their perspective about future careers in the private sector through awareness evenings held at schools and colleges. Originally published by www.uaeinteract.com.

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